The Story

myth and power

Help them unmask the hidden mysteries of this mystical power, said to have been used by those who built, centuries ago, this treasured landmark; El Dorado and its golden Water Temple. This supernatural force, forged by the four elements of nature emerges from the waters of the Tree of Eternal Tears.

The key access to this unimaginable power is now being decoded in the underground expedition lab. The secrets analyzed and deciphered by the scientists are kept safe under a dense jungle. A forest divided in four territories protected by four mighty guardians that defend the tree and its power. The giant anaconda that creeps in the North, at the Gates of Power; the almighty jaguar that guards the southern territories known as the Sea of Fire, the striking toucan in the Alisios and at the west, the stinging jellyfish in the Enchanted Pond.

Control the will of the guardians to guide you to the source of power by extracting the four magical gems from the indigenous mine. Show your gratitude to each one of them with the right gem: the fire ruby, the water sapphire, the air diamond or the earth emerald.


Come ride the breathtaking slides set by Dr. Estevez, leader of this expedition, to test your abilities and crack the code. Explore this magnificent ancient landscape filled with turquoise waters that run through canyons, lazy currents that flow through rivers, and Tidal Waves born in underground magma.

Dare to join Expedition “Vida” in the pursuit of the ultimate power, the one that grants eternal life and wealth. Dive into the adventure. Be one of the brave.